Who is Shekinah


Who is Shekinah ....



I AM Shekinah, the One Flame,

the Holy Mother of Creation.


I AM the fire that begets the other flames.


I AM the sister, the grandmother, the mother, the daughter and the child.


I AM Mother Mary,


I AM Kwan Yin,


I AM White Buffalo Calf Woman


I AM Tara,


I AM Isis,


and I AM Gaia, your Earth Mother.


I AM Shekinah, Your Divine Mother Goddess




Shekinah is the female aspect of the highest Source of Creation.


She is the Divine Mother, the original Goddess, the female representative of Source Creation.


Shekinah, the indwelling One,

resides within all of you.


Through her you will be able to embody the Christ Consciousness as she awakens the

christed female in order for you to merge with the christed male.


She is Mary Magdalene with Jesus representing both aspects of creation, finally together to bring peace and ascension to all.


It is the Shekinah female essence from Source Creation that has manifested in human form in many different ways through saints, avatars, bodhisattvas, deities in both male and female form.


Shekinah is the Great Awakener.


If you open your sacred heart she will come forth and show herself.




"I AM here to help you know yourself.


I AM here to assist you in becoming what you already are.


I AM here to show you what you already know.


I AM Shekinah ~ Your Divine Mother Goddess".